Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tampa, Florida UFO Sighting: 24/05/2013

A bright, pulsating Orb moves across the sky, at low altitude. Tampa FL USA.
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Paul Carr said...

Were they looking to the East? If so, probably rocket launch

Anonymous said...

I saw an yellowish/orange object in the northern sky around 9:30 pm in marion county

Anonymous said...

My wife and I both saw 2 yellow-orange disks in the Northern sky in the Tampa Bay area at approximately 9PM on July 4 2012. One was following the other and then they both slowed down and just disappeared right before our eyes. We were in Northern Pinellas County and we live on a golf course and they were not night lights nor were they any thyp of aircraft.

Joe Ouellette said...

I live on Indian Rocks Beach and witness them nightly they come out of the Gulf go into the Gulf. There Is another craft that is a triangle shape formation can fly or hover either horizontal or vertical( belly down or on end with a point facing the ground) changes light configuration to appear like other types of craft makes no noise but will project different sounds either a propeller driven plane or jet depending on altitude and speed.

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