Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Missile Launch Or A UFO Shot With Missile? :26/05/2013

This looks like a satellite or missile launch, but the poster of this video had a different explanation.
Look carefully at this footage in full screen. Note: Strong language.

Posters comments:
An amazed couple of men witness a rocket launched at a UFO which is dropping orbs on May 26th 2013. The footage will lead to an all out question and answers from authorities. Describing a hanging object which it dropping other objects can relate to a hovering craft being hit and dropping damaged parts or Orbs as in most cases.
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Anonymous said...

Your Note says "Strange language, folks" but it's not strange, it's "strong." And it IS. Caveat emptor.

Also: Maybe I missed it, but does the clip say where it was filmed?



Greg St. Pierre said...

Living in Florida's Space Coast, I've seen many launches. over the years. There is nothing about this that DOESN'T resemble a rocket launch. As the rockets climb away into space in that long arc, the fiery engines are visible for several minutes and almost look like they're not moving.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Caveat emptor!..Yes, a commercial principle at viewers risk! I guess its strange, because it is strong:)...."another's right" to the freedom of speech!..as we cringe behind the Screen as the letter
F... is loudly announced in shock, to the other room.That's the last we'll see of the clergy!?:/............etc.

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