Monday, July 08, 2013

UFO Lights over Portland Oregon

New UFO video in from Portland Oregon - the question here is were these lights simply sky lanterns? We would like to hear from witnesses from Portland who may have seen these lights.

Filmers comments: I saw these on 7-4-2013 at 9pm and watched as they formed two triangles and then faded out. We were watching the neighborhood fire works when this happened. i believe as you hear that they had no formation in the begining and no noise associated with aircraft, I.E. helicopters. Not sure what these were if anything.

On July 4, 2013, many people in Portland, Oregon witnessed strange white lights hovering in a perfect triangle formation. These "orb triangle" UFO sightings are occurring all over the world.
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Paola said...

Hi, Sorry for my english, I'm Italian. The object in the video are 'Lanterne di San Lorenzo' View here for image:

Anonymous said...

Hi "light" fans.

Those 3 first triangular poditionned
lights are very probably the
NOSS satellites. . .

Blue skies.

Danielle Premo said...

u can only belive if u see them for your self. we have in gresham oregon, our friend took a good video of the some objects on july 30. the video should be posted on youtube pretty soon.

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