Monday, August 05, 2013

Bright red UFO orb over Kearny New Jersey 3rd August 2013

Bright red UFO orb over New Jersey

Source MUFON: We were sitting on the porch when we noticed a bright orange object flying. I never saw anything like the object before. It was spherical in shape and emitted an orange glow. The object was moving steadily from the SW to the NE at variable speeds, at times ascending and then descending. Four objects were seen in total travelling in the same direction approximately a minute or two apart in similar paths. The objects disappeared from our field of view. All of us were stunned and surprized as we had never observed anything like this.
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Bryan Federhenn said...

Hey me and my roommate saw exactly was you saw last night from our place in jefferson NJ. It was exactly what you described except there were only three light, not four. But we couldve just missed the first one

Anonymous said...

September 2nd approximately 10 30 p.m. Saw a similar object heading north to south in Bayville New Jersey close to the water intersecting the path of a plane when it came to a complete stop and changed course to West. Thought it was a satellite, no sound and very high altitude.

No balloon... Very concerned. :-X

Miguel Angel Sanchez said...

This is the fourth time I see the red orb during the last two weeks.What the hell do they want?They are some kind of stalke

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