Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The most interesting Ufo videos August 2013

The summer of UFO sightings continue into the month of August with some of the better uploads of the last week:
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Anonymous said...

Yeah!..a good reminder! We've been thinking what would it take, for all these sightings to be taken to the next level of: WOW!!! or do we just wait for CONGRESSIONAL hearings on the UFO/ET. phenomena, to STIR the pot as it were, for Disclosure of this reality! if ever we hear from them again!? We feel a bit up in the air about this! We know it takes time,but how much time is left? would be helpful!! We haven't seen it..YET!?..Anxious!:)

Thoughts ARE,look whats happening in the world!? much upset,with people dying or about to die, so unnecessarily, and we haven't even had Disclosure..Would Disclosure halt them in their tracks, or make it worse,just for a different reason?? In other words,is the golden hour,almost up?? and who's finger, might be poised near the button??

Drama! or a Reality??....................?

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