Monday, September 09, 2013

Bright hovering UFO over New Zealand 13th July 2013

This bright hover UFO was filmed over New Zealand 13th July 2013

 Filmers comments:  I was not prepared for this,'s very cloudy with alot of light rain. About 8pm tonight i was outside locking up, after are few minutes i noticed a big bright red glow of strange lights in the night sky I Ran inside to get my N.V and started recording in the rain, suffered from power failure moments later, within 3 minutes i was recording again. Both the objects i saw were Big bright and Glowing pinky Red and bloody beautiful. I saw more then what i recorded and i probably missed alot too! 720p Finnebassens Remix when the Doves Cry
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL..Yeah! that's New Zealand, all right!! "Bloody beautiful":) But the Filmer does not say WHERE? on the
upside-down gum boot,in Fred Dags Farming community:)Where this Red & bloody beautiful sighting took place.

Where?....North Is. or South Is??....Its a big Country! not HUMONGOUS, but big!!
Is it in the little-big City of Auckland,in the North Is?..Where??..If this was so blood beautiful,why was it not seen on NZ.TV.for example.Was the News-media even informed?..If so! its about time they WOKE-UP!
not just in New Zealand, but every where!? To think that this bloody beautiful sighting, can go around the globe on the net, but not be seen on their own TV.? is short of news-media giggling over the unbelievable, every where!? Either this sighting is true! or the News media have cut them selves short,of worthy news, &
the clever sheep, are no better of, than if it had never happened at all. Baarrr!! True or Dramatic??


I think the country sheep, know more! So may your gum-boots,NOT get bogged down, if so! hang'em up side
down, in the "New Zealand way of viewing"....for drip drying!

Want a cup of green tea, mate:[.........?:] could be interesting, clean & green!.......................

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