Saturday, September 28, 2013

UFO sighting over Alliance Ohio 26 September 2013

UFO sighting over Alliance Ohio 26 September 2013.
Notice the 2 orbs at the end of the video:
Filmers comments:
Me and two of my sons were traveling west on 619 when we saw the large white ball of light. We then headed south on Freshly toward the Wal-mart on State Street and used the phone to video it. We drove into the parking lot between JC Penny and the Dollar store and just watched it. It didnt seem to be moving, and we couldnt tell if it had been moving or just been stationary the whole time because we were moving in the car? There were 3 cars pulled over to the side on Freshly when we were headed toward state street and the people seemed to be pulled over looking at the same thing we were.
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