Saturday, September 28, 2013

Strange hovering lights over Katy Texas

UFO lights or lanterns here? Filmed over Katy Texas
This is the moment a family having a rest in their back yard witness lights they cannot identify, the objects throughout the video have constant-flickering-blinking lights white-red-orange and keep a constant position in tight nit groups, all the occupants that witnessed the sighting (ALL COULD NOT IDENTIFIED) were baffled. 
Note: There is strong adult language due to the shock of the sighting!!!
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Anonymous said...

Could use better language dude

Bathtub said...

Lanterns - or a fake. The 'strong adult language' has nothing to do with shock and is totally gratuitous.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake! if he could only REALIZE, the "F-bomb" he is SO used to expressing himself with,is an ABSOLUTE nonsense in its meaning, for what he is actually saying! & you hear it everywhere! The funny thing is; They don't get it!!..? In my book,Language is all about the way your used to speaking!..and THAT!..speaks for its self:)...?

The "F-bomb" has graphic meaning,and has nothing at all to do with UFO. or anything much else.Its untidy, & a useless lack of meaning,that has anything to do with anything,in a normal & healthy comment.Its mindless, for the LACK of a more excepted expression......................

Abe Garrison said...

I saw the same thing! I live in Katy and have seen those lights the same night. I live in a clearing. After the sun is totally over the horizon another light joins with them totaling 4. The all stop close to each other and then went into a w formation. Then they came back together into a diamond formation. Finally coming back together and then spreading out simultaneously. I thought I was crazy. I'm glad you recorded it. I just saw them outside my house as I was packing up the car for thanksgiving dinner. I do t know what it is but it's freaky as hell.

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