Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Incredible footage - large UFO object caught on video 9th December 2013

This Incredible UFo video shows what looks like a large UFO. It was filmed on the 9th December 2013, location unknown. Would like your thoughts and comments on this video

Filmers comments:
On the night of Friday December 6, as time drifted on to become 2 AM Saturday December 7, my wife and I were awakened by sounds like 'deep bumps or thuds' and 'cross-talk' in our desert home, which has happened before. We quickly checked out into the night, looking beyond our backyard at what is 35 miles of barren desert, and there, not more than a mile away sat three (3) UFOs that had landed. One was very large. None of them were aircraft, grounded satellites, drones or anything else man made .. and these craft visit here during the day, as well as during the night. - Harry Drew There is roughly 5-6 hours of footage sped up at 64x speed for viewing and analysis
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Anonymous said...

what is "crosstalk"?

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