Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ufo over Asker Norway from 2002

Helene Solberg glanced out her window on a dark wintry afternoon in 2002 and saw something she won't soon forget. Luckily, her family's video camera was close!
Solberg, lives in a village with the same name in Asker, west of Oslo, when just after 2pm, when dusk already starts settling over southern Norway at this tiime of year, when Solberg noticed the object with a long, bright tail. Helene Solberg then grabbed the video camera and started shooting. The entire episode lasted about eight minutes, with three minutes of it captured on tape, before the unidentified flying object disappeared from view. "Can I explain what it was? Absolutely not," Stig Solberg told Aftenposten's Internet edition Thursday night after sharing the video.

He said he determined that the comet-like object came out of the west and disappeared to the south. He also sent the video to the astrophysics department at the University of Oslo, where a professor thought the object might have been a plane.Solberg disagrees. "It absolutely did not look like a plane," he said. "When we look out the window in the other direction, we sometimes see planes. But we have never seen a plane in the direction where my wife was filming. Rate this posting:

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Anonymous said...

Why should this be a UFO? It simply looks like a (really nice) comet.

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