Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ufo in Chile December 2007

Notice this object is moving so fast that it shows as a squiggle on one frame on film - it is actually so fast it is in multiple places at the same time.

"A strange object guy ovni (v.e.d) films it before Christmas in Brazil 2007 - has original audio. Voice belongs to my cousin calling my relatives while I was filming it was calling them but they were not listening to it we were 2 persons observing this." Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...


GavinOvz said...

Don't want to be a hater but he does not have a steady hand so that would explain the lines. I can do that with my camera with the moon or the stars.

Anonymous said...

@ gavinoz:

well, you could, but not within one single frame. notice the choppiness of the video, it's playing single frames consecutively, and within each single one of 'em you can see the lines, so it's not because of the movement of the camera.

for all it's worth though, to me this looks like some sort of freak lighning or something, definitely interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is really cool. I don't like to jump to conclusions.. so it'll be interesting to see any follow-ups on this.

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