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Ufo over Oslo Norway 27 Feb 2008 -real or hoax?

Ufo filmed over Oslo Norway 27 Feb 2008. I have revised the post as most people think this is fake now, sorry guys - ,i hope this is not a cgi, what do you guys think? Below is the article translated from norwegion.

Bård Eidem (36) captured 5 UFO’s above the Oslo fjord on film.

I was looking out on the Nesoddwater around 17.00. At that time I noticed a small black box which was flying around by the Einestangen, says Bård Eidem (36) from Vollen in Asker to Nettavisen.
Black Box: He explains that the object was 1km away from his current position and that it moved around with very quick and soft movements, up and down, forward and back again.
- I have never seen anything move like that. It was a completely black, squared 3-dimensional box. I have never believed in all this alien talk, but this was crazy says Eidem.

His mother was with him and witnessed all of it together with her son. She confirms his story. Suddenly they noticed 4 additional big uneven lightsources which hang still above the black box. After a short while one of the lightsources disappeared, however the 3 light sources left stayed in the sky. I wasn’t afraid. But fascinated, he says.

The army wants to study the movie
For about a halv an hour he observed the event which took place on the sky before he got his mobile phone and filmed this strange event. Soon after he turned of his camera the objects disappeared. - The lightsources just faded away. The small black box I lost sight off. It came and went all the time. The army is not aware of any activity in this area, and hasn’t picked up any UFO-messages.
- We promise to look at the movie on Thursday, and will follow up on the case if theres a reason to do so says Lt.col John Inge Øglænd by the Fellesoperativt HQ to Nettavisen.
The movie is filmed with a Ericsson K800-mobilephone, with a 3,3megapixel camera. The is quite clear, however the lightsources may look like reflections in the window. However Eidem says that’s not the case.
- No, no. There was no reflections from the window at all. It looked identical from outside the house he says.

There was a firm wind at the plase, but Eidem doubts the object could be something trapped in the wind.
- As I said, it was a box, no flag, no balloon.. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

most of the videos where people just scout around with the camera and suddenly find ufo's its a fake.

he turns the camera down and all of a sudden its full of saucers.. i dunno...

talking of which, why do ppl fake videos, are they crazy? dont they get enough attentions at home?

i dont think its "funny"

looking at the artifacts around the 3 disks its obviously added later...


nesbittplac7 said...

The three white lights appear to be lights in the home, which are reflecting through possibly a glass door or window, which he's probably standing behind. I noticed that even when his camera was directed at the area near his feet where part of the home is captured, it was still out of focus. He never attempted to really focus in on anything. I say hoax but I'm not positive certainly.
Alien Casebook

nesbittplac7 said...

The fact that it's a camera phone is why I can't be positive by the way - Was it a camera phone would be my question or was it simply a video camera purposely put out of focus but attributed to a camera phone.

nick dk said...

Unless there will be more photos or film from this event by other ppl, i will say hoax as well.

Cause Oslo is the biggest city in Norway and a sighting like this, would draw the attention of many others.
This would be the Phenixlights all over again.

allsow the "probe" looks like a sick bat with rabies or something.
Cause its flying around like crazy.

I have a very bad feeling about this one and not a film i would waste more time on thinking about..

LEAX said...

Matt you shouldnt put a fake video with title AMAZING .. it rly looks funny

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I have to say they look like reflections in the window.. the first thing was a bug or something.

Lich said...

I feel something wrong here: 1. It was so long that surely someone else should see it. 2. Yeah and they fly away just after end of movie, he lost most interesting part when big obiects moving.

Click for video said...

I just saw one of the most amazing ufos ever, I don't know if its fake... but there is a follow up video to it. It's the same video but filtered in way where you can see the depth of the craft.The video is called Amazing UFO Footage and the second is Amazing UFO Footage filtered. I would advise you to see for yourself.Click the link above.

Ben Dale said...

This is how you fool yourself when you film through windows. If the guy really means he saw ufo's, why didn't he opened the windows or got out to make a more clear picture? Because then the lights from inside would have been dissapeared. As easy as that. Check out this picture i made for fun last year, and you know what i mean:

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