Thursday, February 28, 2008

UFO on cam 27 feb 2008 - Popocatépetl Volcano Mexico

Not sure about this one - but many people belive it is a ufo, see the posters reasons below-

Captured from a webcam of the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. The small dark spot seems to hover in one place for up to 40 seconds, and then move away quickly. The clip is shown at 15 fps first, then slowes to 1 frame per second. The duration between each frame is 10 seconds real time Rate this posting:


nesbittplac7 said...

Just this past week I put a thread together with 26 different UFOs all located in the vicinity of a volcano. Click on description below.

It makes us wonder if they're looking out for us. Your post today complimented my thread this morning, thank you for that.

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Lich said...

When you look at volcano in the distance your imagination could put every obiects which appear, in the same distance as background. But i think obiect was moving much close to camera and it was bird. Some days ago i seen photo of flyes in background of mountain which make illusion feeling that obiects was far away. But its just my theory.

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