Friday, February 29, 2008

Ufo Hunters Episode 5

UFO Hunters Episode 5 - this is a great episode looking into the ufo at redlesham forest in the UK. Also they look into the well known link between nuclear weapons and the avent on ufos. The first Nuclear weapon was tested in 1945, 2 years later we have roswell and continual ufos seen over nuclear military sites till this day.
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Lich said...

My favourite program, thanx! My theory: maybe someone with flashlight run into forest, guards leave base and someone spy heve easy job then.

nick dk said...

LOL....u ppl are just so funny in here. was = zero, while the where searching the woods.
The base was only topsecret!

I think u watch too many movies with Chuck norris...

Anonymous said...

lich, if that story makes your mind go at ease.. go for it...

but do not make other people live in fairy-tales, just because you need to live in one.

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