Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are all Triangular ufo craft of the same origin? - similarities noticed over the years

March 2008 has seen so many reportings of triangular ufos. I decided to look into the history of the triangular ufos to see if there are any commonly identifiable features to determine if this is the same type of craft that has been seen around the world since the late 80's. Suprisingly the videos indicate that triangular craft do infact have many identifiable features particularly the red light in the centre - and infact this is common amoung all the craft seen this month (Pasco, Brazil). So could all triangular craft be of the same origin? who knows's but it's likely. Below is the military press conference about the triangular craft by the belgium military (see bottom video for the english version where unsolved mysteries does a detailed explanation on the event)

Another triangular ufo seen again in Belgium 2007

unsolved msyteries belgium ufo documentary
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