Friday, March 21, 2008

the drones make fox news - aren't they just CGi's ?

I have never believed in the drone sightings, the pictures see like one Big CGi to me. I even hestitated to post this here, what do you guys think?
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Anonymous said...

What do I think?:

I can't believe you are wasting space on Fox reporting a CGI drone!

The design of this site has improved, the content has not.

[ drunkadelic said...

Before you denounce and reject the theories on drones, make a pitstop by UFO Casebook and read up about Isaac, CARET and the first drone-related photos.

It's more than just CGI.

Anonymous said...


These are well know CGI, I can not believe people from the open mind forum (open and brains removed) have paid these two private eyes in the USA to investigate.

this is hilarious ;-)

Anonymous said...

Many people might not know the backstory with the viral marketing and CGI work with the drones.

However, "CGI" is starting to become this generations "swamp gas" or "the planet Venus".

How much easier would it be for a shadow government to simply mass produce a bunch of CGI versions of legitimate sightings, wrap them up into a few gaming platforms, and use the profits to fund more black projects?

Then, whenever a real sighting, or the original material from which the CGI was based, popped up, everyone could easily say "I can't believe you are wastings space reporting on a CGI!" or "These are well known CGI" and so on.

Not saying it's the case here, just pointing out that "the story" isn't always "the REAL story".

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