Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crazy Japanese UFO Footage collection

A collection of ufo videos on the news in Japan, some look fake others interesting (not in english)
pt 1

pt 2
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LEAX said...

Its top 10 UFOs i think .. anyway some of them were proven to be fake

Anonymous said...

last one is a fake

Virtually Lucid said...

I'm getting so tired of that last one, which was part of the "Sci-Fi Happens" marketing for the Sci-Fi channel. EVERYONE keeps posting this commercial, made by the Sci-Fi channel for their own marketing campaign on their own channel, as an actual event. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

10 is Mexico City, 7 is Nevada near Area 51 (if it's real), 5 is Nasa video (from Martyn Stubbs Videos?), 4 are lightballs around cropcircles in England, 3 is Russian MIG Case and 1 is SciFi Channel Fake.

Can some of you tell me more about the videos Number 9,8,6,3 and 2?

Anonymous said...

Im sure them mad Japs scare the ufos away!

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