Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dateline 2008 UFO San Antonio Texas Jan 13

Close to the time of the Stephenville Tx UFO, yet another UFO was seen, this time near a radio tower in San Antonio Texas on. Jan 13 2008
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Anonymous said...

Its a kid zooming in on a plane and shaking his camera. ffs this place is going down on the adds <> sell outs

Anonymous said...

Making claims like 'it's a kid zooming on on a plane shaking his camera' sounds just as ignorant as the people who claim everything is extra-terrestrial.

By it's very definition the video shows a UFO, so it's appropriate for the blog. If you can somehow make out wings, a fuselage, landing gear and navigation lights on the object in question in this video then you're surely wasting your time here - Why don't you put your heightened visual awareness on the zapruder film of JFK's assasination and tell us exactly how many bullets there were and from which direction they came from?

Anonymous said...

I personally know the MUFON
investigator that is on this case,
and at present, it is listed as 'unknown'.
The person that took the video is
NOT a kid.

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