Friday, March 28, 2008

Ufo Wave over the city of BS.ACE, capital of Argentina 13/3/2008

Does anyone know anything about this one? Its very interesting seems to be a triangle ufo in the background and a probe like flying around everywhere

Translated (badly) Posters comments:
Toward the 22h at least two intense "UFO Fire Balls" of lenticular aspect and of great magnitude plowed mysterious the Sky of Buenos Aires, to the 21h58m on the Nor Western I am observed an axtra├▒a luminary UFO" that furrow besides the growing Lunar disk and ascendio of way Anomala in order then to disappear very mysterious. To the 22h07m another Strange one manifestacion lenticular of great magnitude I float and I displace, above neighborhoods of Almagro Boedo Flowers, with a magnitude of bright Star, displaced toward the Nor This, but desaparecio almost arriving at the Zenith. The two extraordinary demonstrations remained registered. The recordings presented by the workshop glaucoart
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Anonymous said...

The Ufo phenomeno join the people from many countries around it. The differences of race or language disappear in front of this extraordinary facts.
Wellcome to the humankind. wellcome to peace and fraternity.

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