Thursday, March 27, 2008

NASA Official Admits to Having Chased UFOs

"Over the years we have chased many, many, many of these things," says a NASA Shuttle Program Manager in regards to the lights seen before the Atlantis shuttle reentry in 2006.

Was he trying to subtly disclose information to the public that NASA has indeed attempted to chase UFO's before? He says it so casually that no one on the broadcast picks up that he said NASA has actually gone after similar UFO's before. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

No where does he say anything about unidentified flying objects. He seems to reference debris floating around the shuttle. The "chasing down" sounds like them trying to figure out what the debris is or if it poses a potential problem.
When disclosure goes down, it will likely involve a worldwide flyby. That UFO will likely be a fabrication of the US military or some black ops project that the conventional government funded but knows nothing about. It will all be very controlled. It will be slow, deliberate and there will be lots media interviews and polls - like an election.

Anonymous said...

come on guys ... can someone explain me how it is possible for three debris to figure a triangle which we can see make a low turn ... no way ... it cannot be such an easy explanation

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