Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Complete Collection of the Unsolved Mysteries UFO Files

Hey guys if you loved the Unsolved Mysteries Ufo Files back in the 90's you can view the complete collection of all the series here. Here's some of the starting episodes, this one features the "validating the crop circle phenomenon":




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Anonymous said...

I often wonder if Stanton Friedman's take on the Phoenix Lights was true. He proposed that the more famed sighting over Phoenix was a red herring for the sighting outside the city. Seems plausible.

btw great vids!

Dickosaur said...

Great stuff, thanks for the tip

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me right, the military DID indeed drop some flares that sank behind the mountains but not on the same night. It was a ruse to dissemble the reality of what actually took place in the skies over Phoenix that night. That obnoxious meathead Michael Shermer ran a successful campaign to debunk the lights by substituting the video of the flairs with the actual videos that were taken by a number of people in Phoenix, and then plastered it all over the mainstream press (who ate it up like morons to lollipops). Also, the mayor, who called a press conference to expose an alien with a big rubber head and a long white kaftan as the culprit, was actually an eyewitness to the lights. He appeared w/ Stanton Freidman on larry King to back up the truth behind the lies that Shermer et.al. spoon fed the mainstream media so successfully.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he was the governor, not the mayor, which gives him even more credibility

Endrid.D.Cold said...

t'Doh~! My bad. You are absolutely correct sir, it was indeed the Governor.

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