Wednesday, May 21, 2008

THE UN Meeting on Ufo's February 2008 ?

Hey guys you have probably heard that United Nations held a general assembly back in February this year to discuss a meeting on the 'Peaceful Uses of Outer Space'.

Although Nick Pope says in the above doco that nothing of interest happened in the meeting a recent release of documents from the scientific subcommittee does indicate that in fact the UN is highly interested in whats going on in space. Below is a startling summary of the forty-fifth session held in Vienna on the 11th of February to the 22nd 2008 tying in nicely with the alleged dates of the meetings covering UFO topics amongst other things.

Of Interest is the section on space debris and the reference in the minutes of the overall committee to a Russian organisation called ISON. This stands for the International scientific optical observation network and was developed with the following goals:

*estimation of real population of artificial objects on high geocentric orbits
*determining of possible origin of the discovered objects
*verification of existed space debris distribution and evolution models for high orbits (GEO, HEO, MEO)
*estimation of the real level of danger caused by space debris fragments for operational spacecrafts on high orbits at present and in the future
*testing and improvement of the technology of space debris studies using optical instruments
*improvement of the motion models for measurements processing and orbit propagation of specific space debris objects with high AMR
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Anonymous said...

The meeting on UFO at UN issue was not official, if it really happened

Anonymous said...

Steven Greer is WAY more credible than this Nick Pope.


I'm frankly put off by his assumptions and non-research.

Chances are he is a MI5/6 disinformant.

Anonymous said...

Same chances that Greer is a CIA Man...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 is funny.

WAY more credible.




Anonymous said...

I don´t believe in this web. Watch their advertisers:
The Vatican(!!!!)
Rambo the genocide
and more.

l2 said...

lol, and even maybe some disinfo guys here...

Ever looked up the 'Disclosure Project' ?

Steven Greer has given lectures to Bill Clinton, Top Pentagon people (chiefs of staff), CIA Directors and even a Rockefeller or 2.

PLUS the fact that Steven Greer is also aware of 9/11 being a false flag operation.


All of you (disinfo) guys that say the opposite thrown in with some insults are not even worth rebutting.

Name calling is the last resort of a cornered scoundrel who just went out of options. To those I bid you a happy ending in the fairytale you call your life.

Anonymous said...

"PLUS the fact that Steven Greer is also aware of 9/11 being a false flag operation."

Then that makes Steve Greer an idiot.
If you believe this then I guess you are capable of believing anything.
Do any of you folks ever stop to think, even for one minute, about what would be involved to cover up an attack on the towers?
You just spout off some crap you have no understanding of and make fools of yourselves.

l2 said...

lol to anon above:

Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance - Einstein.

You are very ignorant.

l2 said...

Also, remember these words, for you will need them in the future:

Ich habe es nicht gewusst.

Remember it well, because you WILL be saying it in the future. (Probably the english version).

Anonymous said...

Gullible doesn't even come close.

Isn't there a cult or something equally stupid that you can join?
I'm sure some bozo has a bridge for sale, or some cult job printing "theNWOsux" bumper stickers for you and the rest of the lunatic fringe.

For god's sake even Bin laden said they did it. Yet you and the other whackos continue on with this ignorant crap in accusing good people of horrendous crimes.
Stop it already.

Anonymous said...

WTC 7 was pulled. 911 Insider trading was confirmed and much more.

911 was indeed some sort of inside job.

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