Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ufo's & Nuclear installations - a serious threat to national security ?

The link between Ufo sightings over installations containing nuclear weapons and power plants has been well established over the past 50 years. In fact, its no surprise that after the first nuclear weapon was tested back in 1945 that 2 years later on we had the Roswell incident (in 1947) and a continual ufo presence ever since.
Over the last 30 years nuclear missile sites have been the location for many continual historic UFO sightings, such as at the Malstrom AFB in the USA and the Rendlesham forest base in the UK. On each occasion the nuclear missiles had been shutdown by strong magnetic-electric pulses when UFOs were observed above the missile silos.
Repeatedly the US government justified their reason not to investigate ufos because : "No UFo sighting has ever posed as a threat to national security" - but i mean seriously if deactivating a nuclear weapon isn't a threat to national security then what is?
This is likely the real reason why governments keep the ufo topics hush hush - they are actually a serious threat to national security as they have the ability to disable our most powerful weapons, at will, rending us defenseless - all while invading secure airspace undetected! However i am sure an evolved civilisation that has traveled millions of light years to visit earth has only our best interests as their concern, they probably just don't want us blowing up our planet!
Anyways here's some real interesting videos that show the ufo & nuclear weapons link:
Nuclear weapon bases - UFO HotSpots:

Bob Jacobs explains how a ufo beams at a dummy warhead and shut it down:

UFOs Shut Down 10 Nuke Silos at Malstrom AFBDr. Capt. Robert Salas the Launch Commander at the site of the largest Nuclear Missile field in the world in Malstrom A.F.B., Montana, USA speaks about the ufo that destroyed the missle:

Bit more on the Malstrom case:

On August 24, 1990, thousands of eyewitnesses observed a formation of seven luminous objects, hovering for nearly 30 minutes over the Baltic Sea near Peenemünde, the former Nazi V-2 rocket construction site and the Nuclear Power Plant Greifswald.
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Anonymous said...

I find it only relieving that they're able to stop us from destroying the whole planet! Who knows how many times they've actually saved us already..?

PS. National security of one country can be threat to some other country ;)

Anonymous said...

Flares or balloons.

Anonymous said...

Well, if aliens are here and they wanted to destroy us, they would have done so by now. I think they are harmless though they would have the power to destroy us. I also feel that if they are here then their technology would have to be at least a 1000 years ahead of ours and to expect our government or anyone's government to be able to shoot them down would be pretty ridiculous. We might be able to slow them down but not stop them though we may get lucky once or twice cause one to crash but that would be pure luck. So we had better hope and pray they that they don't turn on us.

LEAX said...

that last video is really nice one ;) awesome shots + showing ufo flying at awesome speed out of here into space

Anonymous said...

I think we should all be worried i mean the author is right its crazy the fact that all this started back when we first developed/used
nuclear weapons and technology. What we have to remember is even if aliens were hostile and say the wanted this planet for its rich resources oceans etc. They would have to find someway to control us without us destroying the planet ourselves first via nuclear weapons. Conventional warfare even with their technology would havce the potential for failure i mean theres several billion of us here. So to me the fact that theyve been around for 60 plus years if they have and havent said hello already is very strange. Could signify a force buildup in orbit or on the moon "airbrushed moonbase darkside pix" or something even more sinister. Were so stupid to assume just because something is technologically advanced its going to have a moral concience thats greater than our own. How much more advanced were wee than north american nativce cultures and were we any less barbaric when we butchered and subjugated them in earlier centuries not at all. You have to understand the threat thats posed by possible E T interference in our nuclear program. As of right now it is our only possible playing card in the game that i know of right now.

Anonymous said...

Another thing is this. Sightings have been steadily increasing in all corners of the globe for years. Many of them concentrated in very sparsely populated areas. My point is if E.T. is really out there he could already have bases setup that we dont even know about. Take the North American continent for example there are many areas out west where if you had even the slightest tech edge you could keep a pretty large facility hidden for years. The future is here guys i think stuff is gonna start happening faster real soon. If the government is trying to protect us its time we all knew what were dealing with.

Anonymous said...

I think it is possible that we are being visited by aliens, but what makes me skeptical is why haven't they made themselves known to us?
If they are that powerful, they do not need any government's permission to let the whole world know they are here. Why would they let only a few people see them, and not everyone?
Also, why isn't this on the network news? I only see this stuff on the sci-fi channel or on Larry King's talk show. Wouldn't the media be investigating this more carefully if there was indisputable evidence? Where's the proof? All the photos and film we see are really fuzzy images. Could be anything.

Anonymous said...

UFO sightings started immediately after hollywood started showing movies about them. Those images that they created are still the basis for all alien "sightings".

There ARE definitely UFO. ther ARE object that fly, theat people can't identify. Our military has plenty of aircraft and technlogy that the public, and other countries are not aware of and do not look like, or behave, lke anything the public has seen. Of course other super powers have their own technology too. Doesn't it make sense that their intelligence agencies would be most interested in spying on our nuclear installations, just as we spy on theirs?

Get an alien to share the secret of light without heat. THEN I'll believe that it's from an un-earthly origin.

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