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Why is the 2005 Vatican Ufo video a threat ?

Following on from my recent post on the reasons for the Vatican's recent admission about aliens I have searched the net high and low to locate the original video of the ufo (pictured above) that appeared over the Vatican in 05 when the pope died. Although this was aired on live tv back in 2005 it has now disappeared from youtube & google video and the best i can now find is the above photo of the event. Infact, all videos of the event have been completely removed from the internet with links to it from youtube, google & live video coming back as deleted or missing. You have to wonder what is going on here - is this video simply too sensitive for us to see? If you guys know where i can get the video please reply to this post.

I did manage to find a testimony of the event:
The light pictured (above) appeared over St. Peter's Basilica. It was 6:03 a.m. Italian time on the morning of April 8, 2005, 6 hours before Pope John Paul II's funeral. An reader writes, "I watched this as it happened live on TV. It was awsome and just a little chilling. I feel that this event (sign) is if great significance."

The object appeared on a network feed camera. It passed quickly in a diagonal trajectory and has been dismissed by the meteorologist at WISH-TV in Indianapolis, where the image was noticed and the frame grabbed, as a bird. However, our reader, who saw the video itself and not just a frame grab, comments, "If the weather people at WISH had taken the time to actually view the video footage itself instead of looking only at a single still they would never have made such a ridiculous observation that it might have been just a bird. It's THAT dramatic."

Night video is notoriously deceptive and difficult to analyze, and there is no way to be certain that this is an anomalous object, but numerous viewers who called our attention to it claim that it appeared much larger than a bird, and to have an internal light source. It moved very quickly, with a swift gliding motion. No other similar objects appear on the tape.

I also stumbled upon the below photo, does anyone know anything about it or have the link to it? not sure if its genuine?. It was meant to be a triangle ufo seen over the inauguration of the new pope: Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion but I really do suggest you stop all this "Vatican discloses ET truth" nonsense.

If you don't know the Vatican church is an integral part of the NWO, and thereby will never get anywhere close to the truth, you are setting yourself up for serious disappointment.



Dickosaur said...

Yeah i also searched for that video and found it strange that it wasnt anywhere on the larger online video sites

@ anonymous - Regardless of whatever you believe the vatican to be part of, it still is interesting and makes you wonder what the reason is for them to be so open about it all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

anon 1: Whatever.

dickosaur (nice): Right on.

Bob said...


Your concern for others setting themselves up for disappointment is appreciated; although I cannot for the life of me discern why you care what systems of belief others may least caring to the point of placing public posts;(your most recent with an outright insult offered to the previous writer).

You, for example, are apparently fascinated with the NWO (New World Order) and, from what I've gleaned from various websites, your interest is quite justified. However, there are MANY who would consider your beliefs in such subject matter to be nothing short of nonsense - even a bit paranoid...but you won't find anyone on this website who would publicly ridicule your stance.

An "open mind" is not necessarily synonymous with "stupidity" or "gullibility". Truth can and DOES vary from individual to individual, and if you believe in the existence of some sort of New World Order representing global control by a self-serving few, I for one do NOT consider you to be either gullible or stupid.

Truth belongs to no one. It is what it is, and each individual displays their own unique "version" of it. Embrace YOUR truth, and allow others to do no less with their own.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

now, now, children be nice .

LEAX said...

Nice post Bob

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more Bob!

Nick dk said...

Well spoken Bob!

Anonymous said...

"Truth can and DOES vary from individual to individual"

Err, I think perception varies from individual to individual, not truth.
Truth implies a factual state and that doesn't allow for variations.
If we all had a different view of the truth, it wouldn't be the truth, would it?

Anonymous said...

Here's the video source of the still image:

p said...

nbc dateline - 10 close encouters caught on tape - missed the show but u can see it on the website

Bob said...

"Truth can and DOES vary from individual to individual""

"Err, I think perception varies from individual to individual, not truth.
Truth implies a factual state and that doesn't allow for variations.
If we all had a different view of the truth, it wouldn't be the truth, would it?

Hello Anonymous,

An interesting question...

We, of course, encounter "truth" from our unique points of view, and it's those perspectives which represent our respective truth or, at the very least, our respective version of it - whatever "it" is.

For me, this presents the possibility that an underlying "realness" or foundational loam for reality probability exists, and that this foundation is perpetually repainted, recarved and reshaped by the minds of whatever individual perspectives there are encountering "it". This defining of one's reality by deciding what is real or otherwise by each individual results in a given individual proclaiming (to themselves) this or that premise as "true"...this action not so much to influence the considerations of others as it is to provide at least the appearance of the peace of mind associated with an orderly construction and exploration of ones own world view.

For me Anonymous, "truth" is truly in the mind of the beholder, and that what could be considered as being YOUR truth, for example, is no less valid than my or anyone else's stance. Even "proven" scientific facts are often supplanted with newer versions of "truth", and Newton's microscopic billiard balls used to explain the macro world (i.e. classical physics) are, to me, a prime example of this premise.

And again, for me, ANY truth which "...implies a factual state that doesn't allow for variations..." is, to me, a dead state of affairs indeed, for the implication is one of stagnation and absence of the potential for expanding ones own understanding beyond a certain point.

Your reply was a pleasure for me to encounter Anonymous, and you can consider this statement as being the "truth".


Anonymous said...

I love debates:) Shows we can think.. as opposed to "NEVER! EVER! EVIL! NEVER EVER!"

Anonymous said...


In a scientific and literal sense, whether the truth (facts) changes in accordance with new discoveries or not, it still remains the definition of truth.

You are using truth to mean belief, which is something else entirely.

People can only have different interpretations or perceptions of truth (facts). Or, of course, they can also agree on the truth of something, and then get along swimmingly.

Even Mulder knew the truth was out there, he just didn't know what it was.

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant semantics, not syntax.
Where's the editor Matt?

Anonymous said...

People interested in topics related to UFOs and aliens are a passionate bunch (that's not meant to sound condescending). It has to be one of the most torturous pastimes, because it is based on the idea that those in power are covering up information that will prove what has been suspected by them all along. And that's not to say it isn't the case. There very well could be a massive cover-up related to aliens. Sure. The problem is that the frustration that ensues from not having what they believe to be true confirmed by those in power... which can result in something completely different: Wanting the truth SO bad you begin the proclaim what you suspect as fact. And while it may seem harmless, you're compromising your integrity, in my opinion. The sad part is what you suspect may be true or partly true, but still, you don't know.

Anonymous said...

I fond the second ufo Vatican video at

Bob said...

Good Morning Anonymous (eastern time zone – US),

“You are using truth to mean belief, which is something else entirely.”

…or “belief” to mean “truth”… - something else entirely as well.

I am saying that from my point of view, a given individual’s beliefs not only represent a version of truth and, thusly, reality, but result in the literal creation OF that individual’s reality and for me, that is the “truth” of the matter. I also hold as probably true that reality itself is the result of a kind of massive individual/collective undertaking, even “choreography”, although individually speaking, the "truth" of that individual’s existence is ultimately determined by individual choice. I know that this very premise may seem more than a bit nonsensical, for it infers that reality doesn’t necessarily exist independently from its observer – unless that observer actually creates “it”, or its version, first. But from an admittedly limited understanding of what I consider as being my own individual existence, this conclusion is the ONLY one with which I am both intellectually and intuitively comfortable. And with the advent of Quantum (as well as David Bohm’s implicate/explicate theory), my ideas in this area are hardly new.

Making some kind of sense of events which seem strange or even unfathomable is, I believe, what the human mind does by its very nature and, insofar as UFOs are concerned, the potential for plain old fun and amusement is virtually without limit. For me, “knowing” is simply beside the point, for as is the case with any “facts”, knowledge is fleeting at best (insert Newton’s apple here), and as with all of reality, as liquid and mercurial as light itself (a metaphor here, of course). Thusly, I do not encounter the frustration you noted in your previous thoughts with respect to an arbitrary cover-up of information. I accept the validity of UFOs from the evidence I myself have encountered and appraised, and I do not require some measure of validation or confirmation from those in power to supply or confirm that validity.

I guess when it comes down to it Anonymous, I’m playing this “game”, the game of individual existence, for the sheer fun of it, although that statement may hint of hedonism in the extreme.

I look forward to any and all thoughts you may feel an impulse to offer.



Bob said...


As an addition to Quantum and Bohm's theory of reality, please feel free to stir Schroedinger's Cat (dead or otherwise) into the mix as well. :)



Anonymous said...

It's going a bit far out onto the branch to use perception and the quantum state of reality to defend your argument.

I sincerely doubt that folks in general are interpreting their view of the world through such a prism.

Whatever the "true" state of reality may be it is irrelevant to include it in a discussion about the incorrect use of the word truth, as it is defined.

Cheers and good life.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, I always believed that UFO's existed but I never knew the truth of it until I had an extended close encounter with a triangle in 1996.

That is what brings me here.

Bob said...

Hello Anonymous,

You know, as I reread my earlier post to you, I came basically "proselytizing". This outcome was NOT part of the plan, so to speak.

My sincerest apology.

My intent was merely to provide a foundation to better enable you to "appraise" me with respect to why I have arrived at given conclusions concerning UFOs. Tragically, my laying this groundwork ended up with me digging a trench for both myself and my ideas.

I am aware, of course, that I should frequent websites which reflect interests more similar in substance to those of my own. However, I would also take this opportunity to point out that only when venturing into areas OTHER than that which you frequent most do you enjoy new tastes, smells and sights of whole other worlds. And somtimes during such visits, an adventurer stumbles...

Thoughtlessness comes far-too-easily when the lifestyle of a recluse has been chosen...and lived.

We'll both survive this interesting event...of this I am certain.

Good Luck and Life to You as well.


Anonymous said...

"Thusly, I do not encounter the frustration you noted in your previous thoughts with respect to an arbitrary cover-up of information."

That wasn't my post Bob, and it probably stirred the pot a bit.
I am a lazy person and wouldn't have written so much. :)

B said...

""Thusly, I do not encounter the frustration you noted in your previous thoughts with respect to an arbitrary cover-up of information."

That wasn't my post Bob, and it probably stirred the pot a bit.
I am a lazy person and wouldn't have written so much. :)""
6:37 PM

It is a bit difficult keeping the various “Anonymouses” straight, but perhaps the pot needed a bit of stirring anyway. :)

I guess the point I was beginning to allude to is simply that the UFO phenomenon can and, in my opinion, SHOULD be approached from many different points of view and not simply the “believer” and “skeptic”/“it’s real or it isn’t” perspectives.

I feel this way primarily due to the enigmatic nature of crop circles and the more “intuitive” flavor they seem to convey. Of course, the elegance of the mathematics involved in the geometry of some of the more elaborate circles indicates [to me] a highly sophisticated and imaginative mental/intuitive prowess involved in both construct and design.

Interestingly (again, to me), I have found that physicists, for example, who are able to effectively express their ideas in the form of metaphor (physicists such as David Bohm, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr etc.) can communicate their otherwise abstract concepts much more readily to schools of thought not directly related to mathematics. And just maybe intelligences that seem to be associated with UFOs are attempting to do just that (using pictograph metaphor) when trying to communicate with humans through magnificent displays of beautifully designed geometric circles.

Additionally, if these life forms DO have the capability of interacting with our kind of “reality” via some form of inter-dimensional travel ability, then to my way of thinking it’s not unreasonable to tentatively assume that, as in the case of David Adair’s claims of a symbiotic relationship being involved between the intelligences and the crafts they use, that the cerebral/mental/consciousness brew that we know so little about MAY be playing a literally vital role in this UFO dynamic – from both “their” points of view and our own.

So, as you can hopefully see, the direction from which I've chosen to explore the UFO phenomenon is a bit different from many and, from some points of view, may be quite inappropriate. Not "right or wrong" mind you, but simply not preferred by some.



Soul Hooker said...

The Vatican's interest is in "people believing in things, they cant see or have an answer too." hmmm... pretty soon, religion will be a tv show, morning cartoon and breakfast cereal. UFO's will be sold in stores and can seat up to 5.

adebayo said...

must agree with the other critical fellow. your version of the truth and mine matter not in the face of the real truth. these guys (nwo, vatican etal) are using small distractions like these statements, the clinton obama phenomenom to draw your minds from their agenda. bother not my dear friend cos even when the dajjal (islamic name for the antichrist) has been instituted, lotsa these guys will still be lost in their 'no conspiracy' matrix.

Anonymous said...









Jacob said...

One or more anonymous is mistaken perhaps.

How about consider section called Genesis 6:1-5?

What if individuals have tried to hide nephilim info and nephilim evidence and more in preparation for deception and there are fallen angels who are planning to show up publically in flying crafts during time of disaster and act like they are saviors and ascended masters and benevolent primate evolving aliens? Been noticing alien stuff and UFO stuff and caveman stuff and dying planet stuff in mainstream media? How many times have you heard mention of the word nephilim in mainstream media? Perhaps there is so called mythology that is actually perverted preflood history and certain angels came to earth and produced nephilim as offspring with women and taught stuff that helped lead to increased violence and the flood and there are angels who have been worshipped in error and titans is a pretty common word used to refer to at least some nephilim.

Maybe reading sections called Genesis 6:1-5 and Numbers 13:30-33 and Deuteronomy 3:11-13 and 2 Samuel 21:18-22 and 2 Chronicles 33:2-3 and Job 1:6-7 and Isaiah 14:12-17 and Isaiah 24:21 and Isaiah 26:5 and Isaiah 60:8 and Jeremiah 10:10-15 and Lamentations 4:17-19 and Ezekiel 28:11-19 and Daniel 2:43 and Daniel 11:38-39 and Obadiah 4 and Habakkuk 1:8 can help us learn about various beings and more even if they are well over 2,000 years old.

Perhaps we should be careful about who we trust and should weigh evidence. Maybe the so called Old Testament is either a collection of lies or it is not. If there is a conspiracy in support of it and not a conspiracy against it, then who controls the media and schools? Do you have an example of something taught by mainstream media or in a public school that is in support of it? What if section called Luke 4:6 is true?

Maybe people should ask themselves if they believe in Yah and if they believe Yah was born as Yahushua (sp?) and if they believe Yahushua (sp?) died for transgressions of others and resurrected and ascended to shamayim. What if there is 2,000 plus year old scripture concerning Yahushua (sp?) that has to do with Name and family line and place of birth and one or more place of growing up and being betrayed for certain amount of money and being betrayed by a friend and being abandoned by friends and way of death and timing of death and having garments parted and being offered vinegar and sky being darkened during day and being resurrected and timing between death and resurrection and more? Would you have a logical explanation for that?

-Jacob ([email protected])

Anonymous said...

What about the g%d@mn video?

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