Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edgar Mitchell Confesses that UFOs are real July 23 Kerrang interview

Brace yourself guys , world famous astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell just confessed on live radion that alien life is real and NASA has known about it for over 60 years !
Apollo 14, Moon, NASA, interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008.

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Anonymous said...

what a lame interviewer

Anonymous said...

Well. That should be enough for any skeptic...but...
I wonder if this will catch on with the mainstream press? Could this, indeed, be the first step in official "Disclosure"? A "proof-positive" statement by a well respected and INVOLVED astronaut. Let's hope.

Ghar said...

yeah lol

Anonymous said...

For those of us who are interested in the subject and have an open mind, we already know what's going on and we don't need full official disclosure.

That's my take at least.

We are about to get to the point in time where denying UFO existence is like denying the earth orbits the sun or that the earth isn't flat at all.

Neurotoxicum said...

He's either nuts, or this could be it guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful.
He sounded believable and credible.

I can understand the interviewer being caught off guard, he certainly wouldn't have expected that confession. Hopefully more people on the inside will now feel confident enough to speak up as well.

I would love to have know more about the motivation behind the aliens heavy presence in our skies.
Perhaps they too wish to force the issue into the open.

Possibly one of your most important posts Matt.

Anonymous said...

Lame or not the interviewer is in shock, its not everyday an astronaught tells you that aliens exist.

Neurotoxicum said...

Hey guys,
As I listened the interview first, I was very euphoric in deed...
But then I look up "Ed" Mitchell on wikipedia, trying to find out what kind of person he really is.

And I'm very sorry, to become kind of a nay sayer... But If you really look him up, you'll see, that he is in the UFO and the whole "new age wave" for a long time already - He believed in PSI phenomena, already bevor he traveled to the moon - and conducted private experiments there, coming out with no results.
Coming back he fundet a company exploring strange PSI phenomena such as telepathy.
Finally he's already saying for a long time, that in his oppinion 90%of the UFOs sighted are real...

So in my humble oppinion he's already off mainstream for a long time and already a confessing UFO believer - Finding this out really disappointed me, cause it makes this statement nothing special any more to me.

This is just my oppinion - Im still curious, what's going to happen.

so long

michael said... took me over 2 yrs to tell my family what i seen one night. It was almost egg shaped and white glowing with lights surrounding the shape.....just except guys .bty it has changed my life :-( but tmy glass will always be half full.if ya know what i mean

Anonymous said...

So where can I view these videos now that YouTube has seen fit to remove them due to some rhetoric about "terms of use" ?

Lundy B. said...

What happened to the video? It disappeared.Is Edgar Mitchell gonna do the same?

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