Tuesday, July 22, 2008

South Wales Police confirm but then coverup the Cardiff Ufo helicopter sighting

In the below FOI request the South Wales police have confirmed the Cardiff Ufo sighting back in June by a police helicopter. But As usual they have changed their story saying the"the helicopter did not follow or chase it" - we all know this is a lie as at the time the co-pilot and pilot of the helicopter both confided with the press that they followed the object.
The reasons for this flip flop lies in avoiding the crux of the sighting - the evidence:
We confirm that we do not hold any recorded information relating to this incident,written,phone calls,radio transmissions or video footage". Of course they don't want to admit they followed the object as all police helicopters are fitted out to the max with surveillance equipment (inc those rented by the police). By denying following the ufo they have avoided the messy topic of revealing the onboard video footage - evidence which would have validated what really happened that night.
Guys its a common tale of those in power changing the facts at the last minute to spin a convenient story that avoids possible disclosure. We've seen this time and time again, like with flip flop with the Us military did with the Stephenville sightings, its so obvious whats really going on here.

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Anonymous said...

So, any news on that Dr. James R. Bartzen and the Phoenix Lights? His presentation was a couple days ago. No word...

Anonymous said...

Admin, that's not true - there's no flip-flopping here. It was the Sun tabloid newspaper that spun the story claiming the helo chased after the saucer shaped craft.

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