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Greenland Ice Shelf gone by mid 2009 due to runaway melting

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An unrelated Ufo post but this is an urgent issue that links in with the recently posted dire web bot predictions for 2009. The predictions highlight a 'Global Coast Event' likely in early to mid 2009 leading to the permanent loss of low lying territory globally. These predictions look like they are coming true now with the shocking news just in from scientists that the Greenland Ice Shelf may disappear within the coming months due to the new problem of ''runaway melting''.

Most disturbingly and contrary to media reports, the problem of 'runaway melting' is not new as it was long known by NASA and the US government who have tried to keep the topic under the wraps for years.

This is shameful revelation as it means much time has been wasted as we were deceived from knowing the main reason for acting urgently to prevent global warming. This being that ''Runaway melting'' is an irreversible phenomenon - Arctic sea ice is now so thin that it melts under the sunshine of clear summer skies where before it once could survive due to its thickness. Read more about Runaway Melting here.

Here's the recent news report:

For the first time in modern history, the North Pole may be iceless this summer. Scientists say it's an even bet that sea ice in the region will completely disappear in the next few months, perhaps as soon as August.

Ice at the North Pole quickly and significantly melted away last year, and that may be causing further melting this summer. Scientists say the disappearance of long-term and thicker ice formed over the years has disappeared. Now, most of the ice that's left is seasonal ice, which melts away much more quickly during warm weather.

"This year there is a lot of young ice. There's always some, but this year there's a lot," Andy Mahoney, a researcher at the University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center, told

Satellite observations indicate the ice remaining at the poles is melting faster than last year's rate, which was already a record year for Arctic ice loss. Scientists say whether or not the ice melts completely, this year's northern melt is yet another example of the impact that global warming is having on the planet's environment.

"There were some people who were saying last year was a rogue year. If the same thing happens again a lot more people are going to be persuaded about the consequences of global warming," Mahoney said.

"A lot of people think it's a very small change in temperature. This shows that the change in sea ice is quite a dramatic consequence."

Video - Greenland Gone by end of 2008

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Anonymous said...

For god's sake get some perspective!
Do you know why it is called Greenland?
Because when it was settled in the middle ages it was green. They grew grapes there and other crops.
This is normal.

BTW, are you hiding behind comment blocking Matt?

Gavin Veasey said...

This should all be taken with a grain of salt. Most times when the scientists of made claims like this they have not come true.

Anonymous said...

this is total bullshit pure proganda

Anonymous said...

I really trust my sources for this post guys, i though hard and long before i posted it

Jon Saboe said...

Oh, BTW, the ice sheets in Iceland are GROWING.

Getting back to the 1500s when Iceland was ICY, and Greenland was GREEN.

It's a good thing we didn't panic over the coming ice-age back in the 70s, huh?

Let's destroy our economy and give total power to the UN to avoid this new coming catastrophe!

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