Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RealUfos.net makes news with the Ufo over Vernon Canada

Hey guys ,
I posted this video a few days ago which was filmed and forwarded to me from one of our readers (Gary Paffile) and now it has hit the news in Canada!. Apparently the website mentioned is this site (realufos.net) so i'm really excited we made the news.
Here's the TV news report:

a news clip from the local TV station in the Okanagan, Canada, covering the UFO Video I posted from July 25, 2008. Rate this posting:


Gary Paffile said...

Thanks Matt for posting this - They edited out the two sites that I mentioned, yours being one. Glad you caught that :-)
Funny they kept calling it a "peice" of light. Nonetheless, they were nice, and didn't make fun of me. The media tends to poke fun in these situations, but they were actually good :-)
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it was a great piece but I think the news guy needs to learn what a UFO is. Maybe they cut something out but I don't recall anyone in the video saying it was extraterrestial in nature. They just said it was UFO and by the strictest meaning of the word, it was a true UFO. Was it aliens? maybe. Was it military? maybe. Maybe it was some natural phenomenon. Whatever the case maybe it is a UFO. I think the biggest problems we have with UFOs is that the word has changed to mean alien spacecraft and anytime someone hears UFO, they immediately jump to alien spacecraft. Just because someone says they saw a ufo it doesn't mean they were saying they saw an alien spacecraft.

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