Monday, July 28, 2008

Public now Believes in Ufos - shows new survey

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With the Non stop Ufo news coming out from the UK and now Dr Edgar Mitchell, more people than ever now have started to believe in Ufos. There is so much momentum in the press towards the Ufo topic now that the general consensus is that this is building up to full disclosure shortly.

Infact, a recent survey just released by the Sun of its readers, came to the conclusion that : 'THE truth about UFOs is out there – but it is being hushed up by the Government. - That’s the view of almost half the people surveyed in an exclusive Sun poll, with many more claiming to have seen a UFO or believing in them.''

Here's a small extract from the survey showing overwhelmingly that the public believes ufo's are real:

Do UFOs exist?

I've seen a UFO 9%
I've never seen a UFO but believe they exist 43%
I've never seen a UFO and don't believe they exist 36%
Don't know 12%

Is there alien life in the Milky Way?
Definitely 20%
Maybe 48%
Probably not 15%
Don't know 9%

Is there alien life in the rest of the universe?
Definitely 41%
Maybe 38%
Probably not 7%
Not at all 5%
Don't know 10%

Have aliens tried to communicate with Earth?
Definitely 7%
Maybe 33%
Probably not 25%
Not at all 21%
Don't know 14%

Have aliens visited Earth?
Definitely 9%
Maybe 28%
Probably not 24%
Not at all 25%
Don't know 14%

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Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing .... and I have seen so I know for a fact .... by the way actual ships not a point of light in the sky .... and the reason why I come back to this web site is simple I'm looking for the ship that I've seen .... when I do or if I do I will let you know ....

Anonymous said...

what kind of ship did you see? triangular or classic saucer? in which country?

Anonymous said...

The one chip only seen once and never seen anything like it ever since .... the other one was the size of a F14 but straight across in the back no tail.... and the end of the wings glowed like black lights or a real light fluorescent blue color completely silent ..

Lich said...

(offtopic) Hi, probably you remember when i told about my weird experiences, i made movie based on such story:

(you may put it to your blog if you wish)

Anonymous said...

I've seen a formation of dozen UFO's a couple of months ago (June 12th, 23:50).

Formation was a actually a super-formation of 3 V-formations. Each V-formation had at least 3 UFO's.

The only problem is, that one cannot tell if this is an Alien craft or a Secret Military (USAP) craft.

Richard Lalancette said...

I agree that Seeing is believing.
I have been actively using Dr. Greer's methods and the results are astonishing.

I lost count on the number of appearance me and my group had in the last 2 years.


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