Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ufo Hacker Gary McKinnon loses extradition appeal

Guys this a sad day for Gary McKinnon , he has lost a Law Lords appeal against being extradited to stand trial in the US.
As you know he apparently hacked into NASA's airbrushing rooms where he saw many things he shouldn't have - thus the reason for the US goverments extreemly agressive bid to get him extradicted .
With Ufo sightings now a big thing in the UK at the moment there is alot of support for Gary over there and the public concensus is that he should be dealt with by the UK authorities not the US government. Lets hope his final chance of approaching the European Court of Human Rights to prevent his removal works. What are your thoughts on Gary guys?

Article extract:

The authorities have warned that without his co-operation and a guilty plea the case could be treated as terrorism and he could face a long jail sentence.

A statement by solicitors for McKinnon, who was not at the Lords to hear the judgement, said: "Gary McKinnon is neither a terrorist nor a terrorist sympathiser.

"His case could have been properly dealt with by our own prosecuting authorities. We believe that the British government declined to prosecute him to enable the US government to make an example of him.

"American officials involved in this case have stated that they want to see him 'fry'."The consequences he faces if extradited are both disproportionate and intolerable."


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Semvhu said...

Moral of the story: don't hack government computer systems.

Anonymous said...

The kind of wonder if he's going to get prison time or a job...

oh by the way I'm not kidding !

l2 said...

moral of the story:

governments shouldn't keep any and all UFO/ET related information classified.


Richard Lalancette said...

It is very unfortunate.
He seems to be a good guy.
Hope there was more we can do to help him too.


Anonymous said...

Fascist:1- People:0

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