Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Man Made remote controlled Ufos ?

Do you think there are Man made remote controlled craft or ufos close up?
I recently bought of the kids remoted controlled ufos which suprising look very real and have lights on them - are these 2 videos exampled of this or something more?

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thegavino said...

They could be man made remotes. The fact is we have no idea what they are. We can only speculate. The 2nd video is a little fishy to me, the UFO jumps (because of the man holding the camera unsteady) a little to choppy then if it is just human error. But it could be the way it was recorded or uploaded to YouTube.

Anonymous said...

i know antonio in milan
he have 2000 films about flotillas ebanis ufo..he is a real contactee and he collaborate with maussan

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