Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 14 Ufo Update again - Interview with Blossum Goodchild

As requested i am keeping you guys up to date on the popular October 14 Ufo prediction. Many people are talking about this and its not just the public guys - I have noticed people from the military and government all checking the post on the event so this is far reaching. So its just 3 days to go to see if Blossum Goodchild's highly talked about prediction comes true (or not!)... Below is an interesting radio interview Blossum did yesterday (october the 10th) on what she has to say:

Blossom Goodchild Radio Interview October 10th 1/3
pt 2

Blossom Goodchild Radio Interview October 10th 2/3

pt 3

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Anonymous said...

what a nutcase !

As soon as anybody starts saying things like feel the energy and send the light of love you just need to give them a slap and get them off the drugs

Bob said...

Why deride and ridicule this woman who is obviously big hearted and sincere? If she's wrong, she's wrong. But I must say I hope she's absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

just because you see visits by military and government ip addresses means nothing. That's almost certainly just staffers poking around the Internet on their lunch breaks.

Anonymous said...

Their is no right or wrong this woman is nuts !
channeling is bollox my friend just like fortune tellers. they all tell you they can here something but really all they hear is their own sadness

mike said...

I hope you all eat your words and in two days this does come true. It is people like you that deserve 2012 and what is to come.

Anonymous said...

Mike 2012? You might be the idiot.

Pim said...

Where is the fourth part of the interview? It looked liked she wasnt done talking.


I do believe in life on other planets, however i doubt if they would visit us considering the mind of state of most people wont be able to cope such an event. I do hope however that i witness proof of life elsewhere in the universe in my liftime.

Anonymous said...

well channeling is real except its a demon that this soul has allowed to be married to if that's an analogy you can understand that's why these people when under a hypnosis have so much knowledge about the past.

that's what i think is happening to her. she is getting a bad spirit thinking it's a good one like the rapture theory.


yeah blossom for getting any kind of chanel thru them to us ! u are awesome...and there was alot of sightings this week, and my self and others also saw the same things in differnt areas and times but the same thing on the same evening , but i always have been a star and sky gazer...and they are here ,they are just waitin for us all to not be scared and more believers....and all u non believers....keep your eyes in the skys everynite...and watch,,i promise u will find !! god bless all of us !!

Anonymous said...

Fake. Your on drugs if you think this is real!

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