Thursday, October 09, 2008

Strange Clouds as we approach October 14

Guys as we approach October the 14 may people are reporting strange round clouds. Its it a coincidence, a natural phenomenon or are more people just looking up at the skies now? Also just a note... i am almost ready to draw the Ufo Hunters Contest (drawn October 14) to see the winners for the 3 DVD sets. Make sure you submit your email (draw details top right) if you haven't already.
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Ryan said...

do I add my email?

Anonymous said...

I heard that some of these cloud formations are caused by invisible living creatures !

Anonymous said...

Strange sounds come outta may ass.
And then it smells funny

Anonymous said...

these strange clouds can also be done by a cloudbuster

the last picture is saturn with strange hexagonal clouds/atmosphäre behaviour

the second last is in any case made by a cloudbuster, i know that picture

Anonymous said...

Still pictures can so easily be faked... can't believe you actually posted this.

Some discernment please

Anonymous said...

I've noticed clouds like this in situations where it appears that chemtrails interact with normal clouds. Chemtrails seem to have an affinity for moisture. Notice the chemtrail wispy cloud holes.

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