Sunday, November 23, 2008

Edmonton Meteor Footage Canada and little object near it

Vidoe of the Edmonton Meteor, the first video is amazing.. in the second video what was that small thing next to it?

What was this little object guys? next tot he meteor:
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Anonymous said...

This one is easy! The photographer of this video was interviewed and illustrated how he caught this while taping that part of the sky while holding the camera up to his window. AS MOST WINDOWS IN EDMONTON HAVE DOUBLE GLASS (due to extreme cold in Winter), that object is a "reflection". Good thing is that this second image is in effect "stopped down" thus not letting its glare drown out the object as much as in the "original " view.
Wow!!Imagine that! It was NOT an emergency ejection pod to the burning Mothership after all.

wateva said...

or you know its like a piece of the meteor.

Anonymous said...

it could also be a plane in the distance cuz that guy said he was trying to capture photos of planes landing at Edmonton International Airport...

i highly doubt a meteor AND alien spacecraft came on the same day..

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that this is the first phase of the aliens taking over our planet.
This site has shown the MOTHERSHIP that measures 300 miles long and 250 miles wide on video.
That size ship will carry the smaller troop carriers.
We should tell the military about the information gathered on this site, before its TOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!
I have been researching this subject for 3 whole months and have come to the conclusion that we are in GRAVE danger. Some of the sightings on this site have shown the popular MARK II ships. the alien race that flies this model is very agressive.
Some of the other ships that have been seen include the deadly AVION III type. They have special ray guns on the bottom, but you all know that.

Anonymous said...

remember the movies transformers? the invasion has started..optimus please help us

Anonymous said...

you people should seek professional help..

Anonymous said...

no its ufo for shure!

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