Saturday, November 29, 2008


Some people say this is from a Jet powered glider from an airshow (never heard about this), but looks very strange indeed, although most ufos don't look like this i guess? this one seen 27 nov 2008 any comments about this?:

the same object was seen earlier on in Tampa Jan 2008 - the dueling fireballs rocketing and curling through the air that early evening were apparently part of an air show during Tampa's annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival:

jet powered glider?:
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Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think about alien abductions. I do find it interesting that Bud Hopkins is an artist, because I've watched other alien abduction documentaries where abductees happened to be artists, some even incorporating their alien encounters into their work (hmm). I'm an artist myself, and I've had a real interest in the paranormal for well over 10 years. It's important to realize that artists have creative minds, and we're prone to fantasize quite a lot. I would imagine in some cases, an artist could get very wrapped up in their fantasies to the delusional level, especially accompanied with a social disorder of some kind. One thing that stood out to me in a couple alien abduction cases was the profound "self absorbedness" of the individuals. There was a real "all about me" feeling to their dialogue, and their stories tended to suggest that these people are very socially withdrawn, isolated types with vivid imaginations, and when left to their thoughts long enough, they make their beliefs their reality. The alien thing is tricky, because it's likely out there, but we're forever tortured by the idea that we'll never know for sure in our life times. So our minds, in an effort to cope, creative the alien reality so we don't have to deal with the not knowing. It's not unlike religion, which also developed IMO to psychologically pacify us given our endless confoundedness with the universe we live. To not put a fantasy to the unknown could almost make a creative individual insane..

Anonymous said...

It's important to realize that in alien abductions cases, the abductees often say the aliens have a "purpose" for them. And the reason it runs through families? Well, if you have a loopy parent who says there's aliens that come to the house (or ghosts or whatever) how do you think a, say, 4 year old will react? They'll believe there's something to it. They don't need to see it, they would just come to understand it's there. And in time, their mind may make them see it. The key thing to remember is that abduction scenarios are often very self centered, egocentric aspect on the part of the abductee.

Of course, I could be wrong, and these abductions do happen. I just can't stress enough the importance of critical reasoning. So often, I hear the UFO community accepting everything paranormal piece of information they're fed. Please slow down, do research, and actually hear out critics. A critic is not necessarily a "debunker" if they raise good arguments. They represent the other half of the "balance" to those who outright want to believe. It's about being mature and using your brain. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

bad video btw... oo lights. LOOK! Over there! Lights! RED GREEN AND AMBER! Oh.. it's a traffic light. Damn!

Sorry guys, but when every light become an "alien" possibility, that's pretty sad and, frankly, caveman-like.

Ug, fire. Alien.

baggy said...

lights in the night sky dont do it for me. dont put music on your videos. I want the raw video. daytime sighting with multiple witnesses , thats for me

Anonymous said...

try stopping the car and getting a decent steady shot next time guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Something similar I uploaded a while can get some idea of the size and distance near the end when he pans out.
Still not sure what it is?


Anonymous said...

It's a tumor.

Matt H. (Indiana) said...

Take a look at the surroundings under the craft. A lighted area, looks like an airport. This is a glider with sparklers on the wings doing a night-time act at an airshow. I've seen it many times. This is not a UFO.

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