Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AceBryan Is Back Guys

Hey guys,
As i reported earlier this year the number one Ufo poster on youtube AceBryan was yet another victim of the ongoign campaign of Ufo censorship on Youtube. Now he's back and he's prepared to stay. He now has a permanent website you can check out here. Check out the message ace has for you guys:
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Anonymous said...

UFO are not coming here from outer space. Evolve you dumbasses!


Atrueoriginall said...

There's a big difference between the word "censorship" and the words copyright infringement. He simply broke the rules, was warned more than once, but did it again. If anything, he made a lot of work for a lot of websites since they had to seek for other versions of some of the same videos AceBryan had up. I for one had to replace almost 500 addresses. That took me days to do.

YouTube knows how much time we have invested in our websites and they know that when they have to suspend a YouTuber that it will affect many other websites so they only do it when they HAVE to.

There's no conspiracy theory here. He simply and continuously broke their rules.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that this is the first phase of the aliens taking over our planet.
This site has shown the MOTHERSHIP that measures 300 miles long and 250 miles wide on video.
That size ship will carry the smaller troop carriers.
We should tell the military about the information gathered on this site, before its TOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!
I have been researching this subject for 3 whole months and have come to the conclusion that we are in GRAVE danger. Some of the sightings on this site have shown the popular MARK II ships. the alien race that flies this model is very agressive.
Some of the other ships that have been seen include the deadly AVION III type. They have special ray guns on the bottom, but you all know that.

Atrueoriginall said...

I have been researching this subject for 56 years and tomorrow will just be another day.

Anonymous said...

Sweet deal. He was a contributor that I used to visit daily, even before i Found out about this site.

Anonymous said...

You bunch of bone heads it's not even his site ..... LOL !

Ace Bryan Central said...

ACE BRYAN CENTRAL here. Thank you for the link and sharing the news. We link to you now too.

We are in contact with two people that know Ace Bryan personally. Ace Bryan is coming back bigger and better than before. And we are making sure the network is secure and vast this time.

Enjoy our video called ...

"Merry Christmas UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence!!!"


Anonymous said...

you all are FAGS

Anonymous said...

its not Ace !!!

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