Thursday, November 27, 2008

Your help needed ! - Support Million Fax on Washington for Ufo Disclosure


We really need each and every one of you to take up this urgent and pressing cause - The Million fax on washinton is an attempt to get the attention of the new president elect Mr Obama to the important need for immediate Ufo disclose. Together if we all write and request for change we can make a difference: See for more info:

While running for president in 1976 Jimmy Carter mentioned his 1969 UFO sighting which he reported to the International UFO Bureau in 1973. Later in the campaign he stated he would, "make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists." After he was elected approximately 10,000 letters arrived at the White House calling on the new President to follow through on that promise. This created quite a stir and prompted the Carter White House to sign off on two extraterrestrial studies - both of which were resisted and quietly shut down by the Department of Defense and other agencies. The Cold War would not be over for another 14 years. It was too soon.

If 10,000 letters in 1977 launched two ET studies, what might 1 million letters, faxes and emails in November of 2008 accomplish?
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nick dk said...

I thought we all knew that the President had nothing 2 do with the UFO supject??

So how should he could make full disclosure?

I think nothing will come out of this.
Its simply 2 late.

WeBeUFOBelievers said...

Great artical Matt I could not possibly agree more ref The Million Fax on Washington campaign we do all need to send a letter or fax /email maybe all three to the office in question all the very best flyboysg1

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that this won't work.

The folks who are in charge of any UFO information aren't likely to just throw national security out the window because a bunch of zealots ask them to.

If UFOs are classified as high as some people say they are then we are just going to have to wait till they are good and ready to release the details.

Anonymous said...

Only homos would be involved in this crap!

Jim Magee said...

We can ask and send faxes till we're all blue in the face and I doubt that much will come of it, till we rid ourselves of a "SECRET GOVERNMENT" that really controls things. Just ask President Clinton - he'll tell you the same thing.

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