Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30 RAF staff witness UFO fleet says radar chief

An extreemly interesting article surface today in the Sun paper from the UK,
here's a extract of the article:

AN RAF expert yesterday revealed how he tracked a whole fleet of “spaceships” on military radar — but the Ministry of Defence told him to keep quiet.
Wing Commander Alan Turner, 64, said colleagues sat stunned when 35 super-fast vessels appeared on their screens.

Wing Cmdr Turner, who was a chief operator of the RAF’s radar system for 29 years, said the craft were equally spaced and shot from 3,000ft to 60,000ft at almost 300mph.

Incredibly, every few seconds one of the UFOs would suddenly vanish from radar and be replaced by an identical vessel moments later.

Wing Cmdr Turner said six military radars, plus operators at Heathrow, spotted the UFOs east of Salisbury Plain and filed reports on the unexplained phenomenon in 1971.

“It wasn’t just me.

“More than 30 pairs of eyes of RAF staff and radar operators at Heathrow Airport witnessed the same thing.

“It’s arrogant to believe that we’re the only ones in this universe.”

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Anonymous said...

This is an old story dated back in September 2008, you have in the description of the story that it happened Today, as in the date of the post. The articles state September 2008. and I haven't seen any update on this story as of yet.

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