Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Triangle Ufo in 1997

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K said...

What ever it is it can´t be triangle object because you can see the stars right through it.

Anonymous said...

U are spot on.

But u can point this out on this HP 1000 times, and it will still say triangel every time there is 3 lights in the sky, no matter how the look like.

Been there, done that and are now sick of keep doing it..


gribz said...

Oh, it's a triangle. It's see through! Advanced cloaking technology. Gotta be outta this world!

Anonymous said...

If this "craft" is real... They are projecting an image of the night sky onto under their craft in some way.

Anonymous said...

Great video, you can actually see that the object is using some kind of cloaking. If you watch carefully, you can see a transition of the shape of the stars as it goes behind the object and then after it passes the star. Imagine where the edge of the triangle would be and pick a star, then watch.

Anonymous said...

maybe its 3 sperate ships locked in a magnetic feild holding the shape of a triangle

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