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Hi I am a first time poster on this, or any other UFO forum. I live in Buenos Aires, shortly after midnight this morning (29-12-2008 at about 12:20am I was on my west facing balcony (on the 5th Floor) in the Monserrat Section of Buenos Aires (on Calle Lima). I was talking with my friend when he pointed out an object flying in the night sky. The object didn't appear to have lights although it was clearly visible. At first I thought it was a bird, but it was very large and moving very fast. We watched it move across our field of vision going from south to north. While, as I said it did not appear to have lights when we first saw it, as it was moving away from us, (with its 'back' toward us) a very bright light came from it and then it disappeared. I have no idea what it was and wonder if anyone else saw it.

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