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New UFO reports released again from UK Ministry of Defence 4th Feb 09

The Uk Ministry of Defence has again released more new Ufo files in its ongoing promise to ofter a sustained release of Ufo files over the coming years. The latest report highlights Ufo reports from 2008 . Remember the UK Mod only investigates UFo reports where there is a threat to air security so many other reports are not included in this file. 
Overall 2008 was the year of the most ever for ufo reports  in the UK and could be considered in Ufo terms to be a 'flap year' for the UK  - i.e. a year of a 'Ufo wave'. 

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One of the new MOD files shows a Ufo was even spotted over UK parlimentArticle From the Sun:

A SHOCK UFO dossier made public by the Ministry of Defence yesterday reveals that one loomed over PARLIAMENT last year. The mystery object was seen from the House of Commons as the number sighted in our skies during 2008 more than doubled. Read More here

More highlights of the new reports - below from this article:

A SHOCK Ministry of Defence UFO file reveals that a North Yorkshire town was a hot-spot for alien visitors in 2008. A mysterious flying object was seen five times in the skies above Scarborough from early July until the end of August last year.

The sightings above the coastal town, and one above nearby Malton, were six of the UFO incidents out of 285 logged by the MoD in 2008. A cork shaped object that glowed like an angel and flew over trees was seen in Scarborough on July 11 at 11.30pm.

Then just 24 hours later at 11.52pm on July 12 a white pea pod shaped object was seen in the skies above Scarborough. A new UFO was spotted over Scarborough at 2.14am on July 14 when a fiery star shape was seen flying before disappearing.

Then at 11.55am on August 29 a black rectangular object was seen that wobbled in the sky before moving out of sight over Scarborough.

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Anonymous said...

I dont really feel that they really relesing the real truth!
But they at leat release something,
unlike america

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