Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chupacabra sighted in Nuevo Laredo pro 8 news Feb 24, 2009

Weird creature possibly Chupacabra sighted in Nuevo Laredo:

Could the fabled Chupacabra have been sighted in Nuevo Laredo? Yes, according to a Laredo family who says a camera on their ranch caught a clear picture of the creature. But could the sighting be exactly what the family claims it to be?
I was trying to figure it out it was something.
I told my daughter we're never gonna stay at the ranch when its dark.
They're still shocked by the image they say was caught on a camera at their Nuevo Laredo ranch.
The couple who doesnt want to be identified says the eyes of the creature creeping through the night hasn't left their minds.

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spoops said...

What is this Chupacabra anyway and why are we relating it to UFOs? Also, why do all the weird animals and ufos gather around Mexico? These are the main questions I would like to recieve an answer for...:)

I think that, at best, this is some unknown animal, but it seems to come much closer to myth, fairies and mermaids.

And just listen to that lady say "it's a picture, what more evidence do you need?". With witnesses as superstitious and gullible as that, the whole case is compromised from the start.

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