Friday, March 13, 2009

UFO Over Monroe County March 10, 2009

Source - Sara Kronenberg News Channel 8 WKBT NEWS:
Was That a UFO Over Monroe County?
"If you saw an unknown, glowing object floating in the sky, you could assume it was a lot of things, including a UFO.
One Monroe County family says they still have no idea what they saw over their home last weekend, but they made sure they caught it on video so someone could figure it out. "I have no idea. It could be a goverment thing, I don't know, it could be aliens. I have no idea," says Zach Rueckheim.
All Zach and his dad, Paul, knows is it was it was something weird.
"I always look out in the sky this way and all of a sudden I saw a light and it was like nothing I've ever seen before," Paul says.
"I didn't believe him at first so I came out and looked at it for a little bit then I went back in and got my camera," Zach says.
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