Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Russian Expedition to the Ufo bases in the Tundra

Interesting article from this Russian News Paper

In the tundra, according to this chelovechische, there are domed entrance, but deep under the ground - huge cavity, divided into rooms. Such enigmatic structures found in Yakutia. The scientific expedition leader Nikolai Subbotin said: "In the Tibetan manuscripts, scrolls, says that earlier this Yakut system domes were part of the defense of our ancient civilization. Sounds, of course, as a complete fantasy and unbelievable, but, nevertheless, these documents are in scrolls described.

The buildings are located along the river Vilyuy. Find them easily - the place like all familiar crop circles. Only here the circles are flooded under water. Versions over several buildings. Main - the legacy of an ancient civilization. But ufologists consider the option and visit the Earth by aliens.

Several thousand years ago, when the Yakut tribes were still living large, in those places there was a great cataclysm. As they describe the sons of heaven came, they came the war with the people who lived on Earth.

The expedition will include 15 people. They specialize in unexplained phenomena. Participants to examine the two dome-shaped objec

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