Friday, September 25, 2009

UFO over Belgrade - Serbia

Ufo makes the news in Slovenia

(They pulled this video ... so click here for it)

Stevica Praporski shot this ufo orb from the terrace of his apartment. "I could not believe their eyes. Extraterrestrial body is moved over the city from two to three minutes, then disappeared in the direction SurĨin," said the Serbian media. " The body was seen as being from volcanic lava, around him are flying particles of different colors. A few minutes later I noticed another flying object, which resembled a small spaceship, "he described his impressions Praporski and added that his responses to different clip.
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Anonymous said...

one of the worst vids you ever linked too!!!

Anonymous said...

....Belgrade is not in Slovenia!!!!

Dickos Fortuna said...

Why would they 'pull' that? Maybe the original poster was just suddenly embarassed?!

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