Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sydney turns into Mars - Errie Blood red skies !

Just a weird one i thought i would share with you...
I woke this morning to see my whole neighbourhood covered in red dust!
The errie red dust storms that have blanketed Sydney today have transformed it into a martian like landscape...

( down town inner Sydney)

Many people are shocked and are out taking photos of this once in a lifetime event.
There is much concern as the strangely hot temperatures and weather is likely due to global warming. Summer has come way to early in Australia and the grave concern is that such bizzare weather events are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the results of climate change.
Here's a picture i took this morning on my way to work that i thought i would share with you... (usually you can see the nice blue sky and the city from here... nows its all but a red haze)
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Anonymous said...

Do you know, Mr Matt, that NASA says that Mars wasn't red earlier but is turning red just recently. It is not serious over there for sure, but please take care.

Chris R said...

That video was amazing! What the heck is it? Why is it orange?

It really does look like the Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Wow...much, much worse that I have seen. We have in the past 30 or so years gotten some of the same as what you are seeing - dust blown from New Mexico (USA) and West Texas (USA) (blows from West to East - riding the jetstream) has blown into the Dallas, Texas Metroplex area (USA) and turned the skys sort of the same eerie red and left much to clean up. The dust is so fine that it will seep in between the panes of glass on a sealed double pane window -- PRAY FOR SOME RAIN! I believe this is nothing more than a natural event and no more can be placed on its occurance. Still a real nasty situation.

suburbanknights said...

It was due to dust picked up of the bed of Lake Eyre, apparently and carried over Sydney. Not an unusual event. But unusual for it to blow toward Sydney. Not really related to 'global warming'. More like odd wind patterns. In Melbourne we've had shit loads of rain so we're kinda experiencing the opposite.

Hey I didn't realise this site was run by an Aussie. Sweeeeet.

henkie said...

hmmm nice read :)

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