Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazing triangle UFOs again this time in Michigan - similar to Cardiff UK footage

Here's that big triangle object thats been circling the world... this time it was caught in SE Michigan.
If its the same ones as the object filmed over Cardiff in the UK then its begs the question - are we looking at the same object here, and if we cant discount it as a satellite then what exactly is it?
10/11/09 at 10:37pm in SE Michigan
Again seen recently in Cardiff UK

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Anonymous said...

Guys when the triangle shape goes past a star it does not black it out not any of them. What is going on is this made up? If there is something there with lights on it it should block out the stars when it passes in from of them. I think these are fake.

hoppitblu said...

I am sorry but i took the videos in Cardiff and i film what i see in the sky its as simple as that!
SO when you say Fake what exactly do you mean?.

ReturnPool said...

Agree you can see the starts behind the triangle - interesting

peter said...

Why should theses triangles be fake?. We observed the exact same light for light in the very north of Scotland ( UK)while on holiday last year. Do remember not everyone is a lier.Anyhow have you thought of a cloaking device, if the triangle was to sit still with a constellation back ground you would not know it was there. Yours Peter

Anonymous said...

I think that the 3 lights are 3 different satellites in similar orbits . The solar panels are catching the last rays of the sun before it sets behind the earth and we are seeing the light being reflected to the earth. The lights disappear when the satellites pass into the shadow of the earth. No more light is reflected and so we no longer see the satellites.

Ron Lubovich said...

I think the satellites argument is unlikely due to the uniformity of movement.

Metamaterials are a possibility. It's altogether possible that it's a slow-moving, experimental surveillance drone coated with experimental materials that allow for an invisibility cloak (like the stuff discussed in this Reuters article).

This stuff is mainstream, and conceivably, the military-industrial-complex could be testing a prototype.

Anonymous said...

well the cardiff one that shows the outline of a crt screen strikes me as odd. you can see the picture on the screen move. it was obviously recorded on a camcorder pointing at a tv or computer. whether or not its fake is not my place to say. i just thought the capture method looked off kilter.

Anonymous said...

The two light footage is exactly the same formation I witnessed on a summers evening in Settle, N. Yorkshire in May 2007. I am astonished that someone has filmed exactly what we saw. The sky was clear of clouds and the light was good - blue sky! There was no sound as the objects passed overhead moving at the same speed as the footage here.

John Sawyer said...

Some of the triangles block the stars, and some don't. So, one logical conclusion might be that the triangles are basically three-piece frameworks that are sometimes sent up with material stretched or laid down between the struts of the frame, and sometimes not. That raises the question of how an empty triangular framework can move around, without an apparent engine. The points of the triangle may be helicopters, or helicopter-like things, with small jet engines included to allow the craft to take off quickly. Another possibility is that all of these triangles may be solid, and some (or all) may be covered on the bottom by a layer of lights, or even video screens, which show the star pattern of whatever's above them, transferred to this set of lights or screens by data delivered to them from video cameras on the topside of the triangle.

A simple, but kind of opposite form of light camouflage was tried years ago, by just attaching lights to the bottom of planes that were flown in the daytime, so that the bottom of the plane was about the same brightness as the sky above it--these planes were able to fly during the day without being spotted nearly as much as planes without these lights. They weren't low-flying planes, which would have been easy to spot even with the lights on them, but rather planes flying high enough so that this camouflage worked well, but not so high that no camouflage would have been necessary.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious why the first comment asks what it does. Sorry but the cat is out of the bag! Ofcourse you would draw attention to the stars not blacking out as the craft passed by. The layman would agree with you as they have little to no knowledge of METAMATERIALS. But experts do and are not swayed by your red herring straw men non sequitur. Try harder.
This movie is simple to explain. Metamaterial Mercury vortex plasma driven starship. Simple a that. See TR3B

Anonymous said...

I saw the exact same thing as the top michigan one on 7/17/08 in the thumb of the lower peninsula. haven't been able to sleep since I saw it again in these video's. the thoughts you guys present are interesting, though sad that you have to insight hurtful words to provoke a good argument. I thought it wasn't actually a full triangle but just three orbs in a military type formation.

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