Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anyone see that Object over northern Germany ?

I've been getting emails about a meteorite over Germany yesterday.
Would like to know if any of you saw it and took any photos? If so please respond

Berlin - almost exactly at 19 clock on Tuesday evening, lit the sky over parts of Germany. A little later reported to police and fire departments in Bremen, Hamburg and Lower Saxony eyewitnesses reported a "flaming ball" or a "luminous object in the sky".

According to a police spokesman in Bremen, some have observed the caller that the ball "crumbled and fallen to the ground" was. To a plane crash, it had not acted reasonably. "Are found in Bremen and Lower Saxony, no explosions or damage has been found," said the spokesman. "We believe that it has acted in a meteorite."

The object:
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henrik said...

It look like something i saw today in Denmark, Ikast, while Walking my dog with my mother!..

Albert said...

This meteorite was best seen in Holland, check this dutch website with pictures and a video of this rare event.


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