Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Above Top Secret - District 9 Ads

I have had a few emails from people telling me that ATS (above top secret) now looks like a major advertising portal for the 'C grade' movie that was District 9!

The top header of the forum has huge ads promoting the DVD release of the movie. District 9 was branded poorly by many people and i can't see how the movie has any relation to ufology.

The question is has ATS gone too far with these ads - are their marketing motives distracting from the goal of having such forum?

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Andre Heath said...

While I concur with you on your comments on Above Top Secret, which I largely see as a disinformation and misinformation forum from the three letter agencies - NSA, CIA, FBI or higher (Jesuit Intelligentsia); I disagree with you on District 9. District 9 was a excellent movie that took the extraterrestrial narrative down a different road than what we are used to seeing with big screen special effects from Hollywood. The storyline was original and the acting was quite captivating. Importantly, at least for me, the symbolism surrounding the alien invasion and acceptance memes was quite effective and left me wondering about the marginalization of the lines between reality and popular culture fiction.

Here is a review that I wrote several months ago - DISTRICT 9: Something is happening here!

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

District 9 was a great movie, best movie I saw this year!

Anonymous said...

C movie? District 9 is a great movie and has deservedly won and been nominated for several awards.

But what's the problem with ATS advertising that? It's a site as equally filled with plausible information as much it is filled with crackpot ridiculousness.

It's bothersome that there aren't really any UFO sites that take a serious journalistic approach. It's been annoying seeing how many UFO sites feature stories on 2012 recently - even if the site is saying the whole 2012 story is silly, why pay it any credence or associate the site with a story/keyword like 2012?

Anonymous said...

as far as i can see,ANY "hollywood"film has no buisness being linked to a serious subject like UFOlogy.

Anonymous said...

2012... something is going to happen, just not sure it will be 21/12, like all calender's it will just start again, the most important thing, is if our magnetosphere holds up during solar climax. It sure will be an interesting year, a lot of event's in one year, could quite possibly cause havoc on the planet. Let's just hope most of us pull through it. As for District 9, good movie, but giant cockroaches, come on, like i said was a funny movie though

Dickos Fortuna said...

ATS is a crazy website full of total rubbish... More just plain nonsense than disinformation. It occasionally has some intersting threads, but most of the user content is just absurd, and the comment threads are totally followable. But I would hate to see it stop, and how do they keep it afloat? ADVERTISING. You gotta pay the bills.
WHO CARES if they advertise District 9?
Which, btw, RULED.
I think the relevance of dissing out another ufolgy website on the basis of it's advertising is more questionable than the advertising itself.

The Real World said...

Well, first off, D9 is a great movie!
I loved the fact that they finally tried somethiong else than the standard hollywood reciept.

And to Andre Heath, please tell me how a public forum is a disinfo site? Are the moderaters corrupt? I hav been following ats a long time, and many of the participents are very knowledgable.

And to the guy who claimed roaches are a silly characteristics of ET's, please do some research into the insectoid encounters. I personally know people who have had encounters with them.

You will probably get more info on the upcoming movie : the day before disclosure, which is soon to be released.

Anonymous said...

District 9 was an independent movie, not at all the usual hollywood scum.
Do some freekin research, something that is absolutely lacking in this site !

Jeff said...

ATS gets consistent, high traffic and what easier way to directly target fans of aliens and conspiracy that to advertise there! What if an advertiser approached realufos.net with a 10K advertising deal (I have no idea what the actual deal might have been).
With that said, I was pretty put off by the ad being on the site. I think it diminishes the website's 'credibility' as a place where people can write and read freely.

Anonymous said...

Did you even see this movie? I don't think you did it was magnificent, what they did with 30mil is amazing. I agree with everything Andre Heath said, I also think D9 is an important movie for disclosure and just plain getting people eased into the Alien topic. Go watch the movie. Watch Avatar in 3D as well it's out of this world!

Anonymous said...

to the real world, if only you really knew, i can assure you, when the time come's the world will be very shocked on what they encounter, and i'll tel you this much, it won't be insect related. I personally go to extreme measure's to protect myself from ever being caught, including a ip scrambler, so some other poor bugger around the world get's caught, Peace out ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Do some freekin research, something that is absolutely lacking in this site"....

YES YES.. I agree! How about being a little more objective when u post these silly headlines... C GRADE MOVIE?? Dude.. (shakes head)

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