Saturday, January 02, 2010

Many Ufo reports coming in from the UK 2010

I have received numerous emails about orbs being seen in the Uk since New Years day ... However i am trying to remind everyone about my post last week that these are likely chinese lanterns - Many people let these lanterns out over new years (especially certain cultures) as a sign of good luck - expect to see many more!
Lanterns? - What do you think:

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Anonymous said...




Daniel Tourigny said...

Well, after keeping a close eye on UFO sightings since this web site was first brought to my attention around the time of the Norway Spiral, I have to say to whatever makes these lights in the's getting kind of boring.

I guess it would be like seeing the exact same crop circle all the time. Even if it's from 12th Density, 23-strand DNA-activated beings of pure's still the same crop circle every time, or in this case, a series of moving blinking lights :-P

Now the pyramid over the Kremlin...awesome. The Norway Spiral...rockin'. But blinking lights moving at night (except for the ones summoned through meditation/prayer like prophet Yahweh and the Disclosure Project people do -- that's still cool)...that is sooooo 2009. Let's turn up the drama a little in 2010.

And I say these comments with no negativity towards this blog site...keep up the great work and let's all hope you get to post that vid of the UFO landing on the White House lawn! (Well, maybe nothing that dramatic, but I'll take something in-between.)

Elvis said...

saw 2 of them in london

Anonymous said...

yes lantern. u can tell straight away, just but the yellowish glow, Defiantly not ufo ;-)

Anonymous said...

I saw these lights last night too, (Fri 1st 2010)

I live in Luton UK and was driving home when i saw them, they were bright enough and orange enough to stand out in the nights sky and warrant me pulling over to watch them cruise at quite a speed until out of view.

No triangle formation, but 2 lights equal distance apart, running dead parallel holding a matching course.

Sadly no video or photo evidence to add to the story, neither camera was on me.

But nice to see others have posted.

Kind regards


a|x said...

Obviously Chinese lanterns...

I live in Liverpool, UK and on New Years Eve must have seen at LEAST 25 lanterns through the night.

Footage like this discredits real UFO's in both senses. I know skeptics which occasionally look at this site and footage like this is a joke.

Anonymous said...

UP , UP and awaaaay in my beautiful my beautiful baloooon.

Anonymous said...

I'M in with the in crowd , I go where the in crowd go's !

Anonymous said...

This is an example of getting information out of a human . The human says -- I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light. The interviewer says did you notice any thing connected to the light or any thing else ? And the human says yes but what does that have to do with it. I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , I saw the light , i saw the light , I saw the light ! And there you have it , a typical conversation with a human.

Cape said...

As opposed to getting information from a non- human being, I should suppose.

fausto said...

31 Dec. 09 . 2am
Broadstone -Poole -Dorset
While I was watching television moving through the channels in my bedroom, I was directed to look at the window by this strange light just below the clouds.
I could see some beams of light going half way down. The object was approx 1 to 2 miles away from the house and slowly coming toward .I was strange has there was no any flushing light like normal aircraft would have .
The cloud at the time were very low, not more then 4,hundred yards . It was a cold night .
As it was approaching I opened the window and stuck my head out to pay full attention to this.
I saw this strange object in details that was not like any plane or helicopter. and it was waking a strange sound like an swift noise like an hover noice.I noticed 3 port holes around the front and the right side as I was unable to look at the left side of the object. It was flying at very low speed and no more then 1 or 2 hundred yards high from the ground.
It was a fair size approx 100 ft wide.
In the morning I reported this to the Bournemouth aviation authorities .I also reported to the Military Defence who they turned down any interest. The Bornemouth aviation as I understood they stated that there was nothing fliyng at the time.

It was exactly 2 am on a cold 31 Dec 09

Anonymous said...

Seen one over birmingham last night (14/2/2010) - slow moving, silent - red/orange. But with binoculars it was obviously a lantern.

Anonymous said...

I`m a bit fed up with this now i live in ashford kent i saw the supposed ufo`s they were very close and i can tell everybody here that they were infact chinese lanterns sorry if that is not what people wanted to here but it is true and all i want is the truth to be known trust me i as much as the next person would love to believe they were more but they just weren`t , I believe that they kept a certain kind of formation because they had been tied together with lenghts of string thus enabling them to move and rotate etc without drifting to far from each other although the shape did become a bit distorted when they were blown closer to each other ,it was a very still night hence the reason they were around for so long hope this clears things up :)

P.s i hope this message make it on to the site and doesn`t get dissaproved just because it explains the objects as we are all in search of the truth whatever that may be :)

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